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Emmy Nordstrom Higdon

Assistant Agent

Emmy is a PhD student at McMaster University, a bookseller at Another Story book shop, and a blogger at They are a trans non-binary colonizer originally from Newfoundland, now based in Toronto, Ontario. emmy keeps busy with research projects, spending time with their adopted dogs and cats, film photography, snail mail, roller skating, embroidery, vegan cooking, and… obviously, reading.

Emmy grew up on fantasy novels and 90’s kidlit horror like Bunnicula and Goosebumps. Currently, they have expertise in LGBTQIA2S+ lit, academic work, and left leaning non-fiction. emmy’s favourite things to read are dark fantasy, paranormal horror, magical realism, mystery, paranoid fiction, true crime, memoir, feminist thrillers, and literary fiction. emmy loves diverse authors and characters, morally ambiguous feminine protagonists, spooky spec fic, and dramatic friendship stories.

Murder is their comfort read.

Interested in: 

Character-driven #OwnVoices projects that are devastating to put down.

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