Caroline Habib

Caroline is a TV and Film Executive based in Toronto, with over 15 years of experience in development, acquisitions, sales & distribution. Her goal has always been to find, nurture and share authentic and meaningful stories with the world. She is currently a Consulting Producer on various Film & TV projects and was recently the VP of Development for New Metric Media, where she oversaw the slate of scripted TV series. She is the former Acquisitions & Sales Director at Toronto’s distributor Mongrel Media, and in her extensive distribution and international sales career, she has helped bring hundreds of films to Canadian and international audiences.

 Born and raised in Montreal, she now lives in Toronto with her dapper husband and two gregarious daughters. She spends a lot of time being outraged at the world, the patriarchy and Disney movies.  Her first language is French and she is second generation Egyptian, but her DNA test results taught her she’s mostly Syrian, Lebanese, Turkish & Greek, so who is she really?

To her parents’ confusion, Caroline earned a B.A. in Film Studies and Art History at the University of Montreal and completed a graduate diploma in arts management at HEC. She is a non-fiction writer, ran a half marathon once and thinks we’re either doomed as a society or on the brink of a brighter tomorrow, depending on how much she’s slept.

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