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Erica Davis

Erica Davis is a freelance editor, author, and screenwriter from Buffalo, NY. In 2013, she quit her doctoral program in English Education to guide adult learners through the academic writing process. In 2016, Erica pivoted from academia to publishing and was hired as an assistant editor at Entangled Teen, then apprenticed at Fuse Literary. Erica contributes to Pipeline Artists and interviews writers, illustrators, and other horror industry professionals at the Midnight Society. But her biggest flex to-date is writing about grief and fandom for Nerdist. Currently, she is the Management Executive at Book Pipeline and co-host of This Podcast Needs a Title. She is actively working on a nonfiction guidebook Confessions of a PhDidn't: How to Quit Grad School Like a Champ. Her current fiction project is a YA graphic novel retelling of "The Most Dangerous Game" titled This Is How Scary Movies Start  and its limited series adaptation Gert. She presently lives with her husband and three dogs at the edge of the woods, and welcomes connections via Twitter @TheDavisGirl.

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