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Faye Arcand

Faye learned her ABCs playing school in the attic of her parents' home. Being the seventh of eight children meant having lots of teachers who worked hard to instill the love of the written word. That devotion to reading and learning never stopped.


Faye completed the Bachelor of Arts degree program in Criminology at Simon Fraser University and fully embraced a career within the Canadian criminal justice system for nearly 20 years. She experienced everything from training on an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, to witnessing a helicopter prison escape (seriously), to walking among murderers-and that's just the tip of the iceberg. To escape back to the real world, Faye left Canada to teach English in Japan. When she came home, she returned to work within the justice system but surrounded by much tamer circumstances.


The creative and inspired energy of Faye's work comes from the compilation of personal and professional experiences. She looks at life as a step full of adventures, each filled with rich characters and fodder for her writing. Faye is a freelance writer and also writes a column for Black Press entitled Auntie Says.


She has several published articles in magazines such as Writer's Digest and has won awards for her short stories. She's currently working on her second novel with the third churning, burning, and brewing in recesses of her brain. She resides with her husband, son, energetic golden retriever, and wayward cat in the south Okanagan of British Columbia, Canada.

Twitter: @Faye_E_Arcand

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