GM Palmer

G.M. Palmer lives with his wife and daughters on a poodle farm in North Florida. If he's not writing, he's swimming, teaching, cooking, playing on the farm, or performing with Girl Scout Fight Club. He does sleep four or five hours a night, though.


Called the Lester Bangs of poetry criticism, his poetry and prose can be found at Trop, Tahoma Literary Review, Burlesque Press, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Anti-, Everse Radio, and elsewhere. His book With Rough Gods is available from Jagged Door Press and the inclusion of his translation of Catullus's infamous "Carmen 16" in the Penguin Anthology The Poetry of Sex thoroughly offended Germaine Greer.


After abandoning a promising pursuit of science for music, a stolen copy of Scribner MacMillan's American Literature tuned his heart to literature. His formal literary education began in the swamps of Florida and ended in the mountains of the Tyrol, drinking tea and wine with a princess and daughter of a poet. He goes to literary conventions like Hemingway went to bullfights.


G.M., or Michael for short, divides his writing time among novels, poems, and criticism and is delighted to be in the arms of The Rights Factory. Links to his work are at

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