Gemma Sheehan

Gemma Sheehan is an ex-MMA fighter from Toronto. In 2016, Gemma won the gold medal at the Jiu Jitsu Pan-American Championship  She was ranked best female fighter in Ontario, nominated for best up-and-coming fighter internationally, and achieved a record of 5-1 in MMA, with 4 first-round finishes. Before her professional debut, Gemma quit her career in MMA because of risks associated with brain trauma.


Since then, Gemma has founded Girls Who Fight, a business that promotes female empowerment by teaching self-defense to young girls. Part of her mission is to travel to locations in need of self-defense education; in 2018, she volunteered training in South Africa. Gemma holds a degree in International Relations from York University. Through her summer camps and workshops, Gemma teaches girls skills such as assertiveness and mental toughness—and leaves no room for coddle culture. 

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