Marsha Smolev

Marsha was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised on Long Island, NY.


She studied Human Development and Family Studies at Cornell University where she earned a BS in 1970 and then received her Masters in Education at Temple University, Philadelphia, where she taught severely disturbed children. She felt she had an unspoken connection with emotional kids and decided one day that it seemed we all have special needs that must be protected and respected.


She has completed her Memoir titled Last Licks. It is Marsha's personal story of how, after finding herself widowed at age 60, she navigated the world of dating the only way she could bear it ? she studied the men, the dates, the relationships.


She was surprised to find that as she moved forward, she learned about herself and her own journey. With courage, determination, curiosity, and a terrific sense of humor, she delved into the vortex of Internet dating and sexual relationships. When she was a little girl, her Grandpa disappeared.


Marsha spent a large part of her childhood trying to figure out what happened in her family. She wrote in a crawlspace behind her bedroom when she wasn't watching family members and making films in her head with hopes that someday things would make sense. (The secrets were revealed in 2000 when she found her deceased father's journal.) Her story attracted the editors of O Magazine who gave a sneak peek about her Grandpa Sam having two lives (with two wives), in a piece, Family Secrets, published in January 2002 in O. Marsha is currently writing his entire story. She lives on the Island of Martha's Vineyard and works in the local hospital.

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