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Nicholas Pullen

Born and raised in Toronto, Nicholas Pullen was educated at Oxford and McGill, and has lived with varying degrees of success in Oxford, London, Montreal, Quebec City, and Edinburgh. His passion for reconciliation and decolonization has led him to the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs, where he is currently working as an Assistant Negotiator on Canada's first-ever and long-overdue constitutionally protected treaties with the Métis Nation.   Though a writer since early childhood, Nick began to get serious about his craft in 2018. His short story, Famous Blue, a tale of friendship blighted by drugs and ideology at Oxford, placed third in the Toronto Star's annual short story contest in 2019, and his story Relapse/Grindr was published by the New York journal Anti-Heroin Chic in 2018. His first novel, The Black Hunger, an epistolary historical gothic horror triptych, is currently in the final stages of revision before being sent out into the world. He is working on his second novel, which will consummate the story begun in Famous Blue, and which he expects to complete before the end of 2022.  Nicholas is a sometime actor, an enthusiastic amateur at the guitar and the mandolin, and knows the names and locations of every shipwreck in the Great Lakes, where scuba diving forms an important and exhilarating part of his summers. He is gay, fluent in French, and lives and works in Ottawa for the time being.  

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