Nicole Snow

Founder and CEO of Darn Good Yarn, Nicole Snow oversees her business much as she does her personal life, with the hard work of one who cares deeply and envisions purpose in all that she does. Because of this, Darn Good Yarn is a forward moving force in online business.


A US Air Force veteran, Nicole next chose a new career path to pursue two of her passions: her ardent love of all things art and fiber related, and her desire to help others. This led to the birth of Darn Good Yarn in early 2008. Joining these two passions, the result is a yarn and fiber importer, wholesaler and retailer with a conscious. A savvy business woman Nicole Snow is the owner of a business that fits in a world where we are seeking meaningful, ethical and cleaner global options. The power of Nicole's passions are thoughtfully woven into her life and her business.

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