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Tamara Goranson

Tamara Goranson, Ph. D., R. Psych. is passionate about writing historical fiction and creating revisionist retellings. Her Vinland Vikings trilogy tells the story of the first Vikings to explore North America in the 11th century.


In addition to writing alternate histories, Tamara works as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice where she specializes in treating trauma survivors. Tamara weaves her knowledge of posttraumatic stress into the colourful adventure stories she spins about the Norse in order to give voice to the trials and tribulations the Vikings must have faced while exploring new worlds.


Her first novel, Into the Unknown, moves beyond the #MeToo movement and raises awareness that family violence has been an issue for thousands of years and that the desire and ability to transcend suffering and remain resilient in the face of hardship is part of the human condition.


When she is not writing, you can find Tamara hiking through the wilderness, canoeing, playing board games with friends, taking way too many photographs, or travelling with her husband and two daughters. While on holidays, her family members never complain about her insistence on visiting museums and national historic sites in order to learn about, explore, and appreciate our cultural inheritance more fully.

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