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Trisha Kimiko Chaung

Trisha Kimiko Chaung is a fourth-generation Japanese and sixth-generation Chinese American born and raised in Hawai’i. This is usually what people find most interesting about her. Trisha’s more interested in talking about how living in Virginia for the last five years and marrying a Virginia-born second-generation Korean American have transformed her understanding of her own racial and national identity. Her writing strives to supplement and subvert tales of the East Asian diaspora, using the vast category of adult speculative fiction as her medium.  

She returns to Hawai’i in May 2022 where she’ll continue her work in the mental health field and throw herself into her writing. In between these passions there will be a grateful reunion with formative traditions: she’ll be celebrating Obon, eating at Zippy’s, and having conversations in Hawaiian Creole English (instead of ranting to herself).

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