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Emma Sachsse

Emma started writing and performing stand-up comedy in her hometown Adelaide after she travelled to the UK to work in hospitality like every other young Australian. The end of a disastrous marriage prompted a move to Melbourne and provided plenty of material for her comedy act. She continued to write and perform in various mediums, alone and in collaboration. After her successful Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival runs with F+ck, A Love Story, She concentrated on a YouTube segment that grew out of those shows, Ask Mistress M, a YouTube "agony aunt" on Angry Aussies Channel. She did this using the powers of wit and research, sometimes even using real live books instead of Google. However, the questions became more complex and she decided to return to university back in Adelaide to see if she could find the answers. Instead while getting a Psychology degree, she became a writer, again.   

Emma was a regular columnist for Flinders University’s Empire Times Magazine and an occasional one for Verse Magazine at the University of South Australia while doing a Masters of Social Work.  


This led to other writing gigs including being a regular "Sexpert" for the Adult Match Maker Blog and other freelance articles. 

On Medium, she has a blog called Diary of Being a Writer. She has learnt that perhaps the world of novel writing is not so fast-paced as would warrant a weekly blog but she persists. 

When she is not writing, she is counselling or gardening. 


TL: DR  Writer. Humourist. Actor. Comedian. Academic. Counsellor. Cat, dog, and chicken owner.

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