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Kay Walker

Kay Walker is a leading personal growth writer who has interviewed and worked with many of the world’s leading experts on hacking the human experience. In her book Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human (Que Publishing/Pearson Education) she interviewed dozens of experts including Ray Kurzweil on how to turbo-boost your ape brain by connecting it to the Internet using Google’s synthetic neocortex; Aubrey de Grey on how to make death obsolete; and Amber Case on what accelerating tech means for the future of humanity. 


She’s currently collaborating with New York Times and Amazon Bestselling author Vishen Lakhiani, whose first book The Code of the Extraordinary Mind has now been translated into 25 languages. Walker is currently completing Lakhiani’s second book Super Humans at Work (Penguin Publishing) that will publish April 2020. 


Besides chilling with her hubby and 5-year old son, Walker’s number one hobby is studying, testing and practicing personal growth strategies. Her Audible and Kindle libraries look like the Hay House product line up. She’s an avid runner whose fuel is audio tracks from Mindvalley Quests or Tony Robbins. They are both organizations which she has worked with and been trained by. For more information and to read samples of her work visit her at

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