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Mark Milke

Mark Milke is great at myth-busting:  don't buy the spin. If anything best describes what Mark Milke does in his books, columns, speeches and frequent media interviews, it's puncturing the big balloons of accepted wisdom that float around and clutter our mental skies. From why it's a mistake to assume Western Canada's economic boom is over, to getting to the facts on how governments actually spend (or misspend) our money, to why Canada's airline fares are sky-high, Mark drills down into the tectonic plates. 


He finds out what's behind the things most people only see on the surface?of money matters, politics and business. And Mark does it with wit, insight and a fresh take. Maybe that's why media from right to left and everyone in-between cover Mark Milke. The Toronto Star describes Mark as a "skilled researcher who uncovers information governments would prefer to keep hidden." The National Post editorializes on Mark's take on multiple government budgets. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal call Mark to get his take on business subsidies and Canada's competition policies. Mark's public advocacy about the facts is why politicians, business CEOs and union leaders, from Chrysler's president to the Alberta premier, feel compelled to respond to Mark's speeches, columns, media appearances and books: Because Mark is frankly unapologetic about what makes sense for everyone and not just for the few.

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