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40 Days In Hicksville

Kate is not okay about moving to the small rural town where her mother grew up and she is even less okay about living in the decaying house they inherited from her deceased grandparents. She's homesick for Starbucks and her boyfriend, hanging at the skate park and sneaking out at night to make urbex videos for her increasingly popular YouTube channel. But when she accidentally discovers her estranged grandfather lives nearby, and Zach agrees to go with Kate to meet him, despite the small-town rumours of his violent past, Kate begins to realize her family has more secrets than she ever could have imagined. Secrets that affect her relationship with her Mom and with her newly married Dad. Secrets she is determined to unearth. That's the day they find the cave and the skeletons. That's the day she finds out her uncle and his friend went missing when they were teenagers in the 1980s. And that's the day she realizes Zach is nice to look at. Instead of counting down the days until she can say good riddance to Hicksville, Kate and Zach start working together to solve the cold case that has silenced her mother for thirty-five years. 40 Days in Hicksville is a contemporary mystery that digs deep into family relationships, domestic violence, and the far-reaching impact of secrets across generations.

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