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A Free Man

Michel Basilières

An unusual and remarkable dystopian novel

A Free Man is a satirical tall tale presented as the drug and alcohol fuelled conversation of two old friends getting reacquainted over one night. It’s also a boy-meets-girl story of the worst kind and a time travel story about a future where the world is ruled by robots and humans are vermin. When timelines cross, the world as we know it bends . . .

Skid Roe is completely self-absorbed and delusional. His struggle to exercise free will is constantly hampered by the physical manifestation of his inner demons and by the norms and rules of contemporary life. He’s both aided and hindered by Lem, a robot from the future whose good intentions leave Skid on the run from a shadowy state security agency.

Michel Basilières’s award-winning Black Bird was called “brilliant” (Maclean’s), a “Canadian take on Franzen’s The Corrections” (Montreal Gazette), and “macabre…fantastical…hilarious” (Globe and Mail). The surreal, beautiful, and powerful literary mash-up A Free Man, his long-awaited sophomore effort is even more inventive and darkly funny.

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