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Burning from the Inside

Caught graffiti writing once again, Thom's only hope of avoiding an unwanted reunion with his family is to agree to infiltrate the G7, a notorious graffiti crew, and report their activities to the police.

Taking the name TNT, he strikes up a relationship with G7 member Aura. As they become closer, each begins to wonder if their allegiances are to the wrong people. Struggling to have their voices heard in a world that has long misunderstood their work as vandalism, TNT and Aura search for the truth. But when they search for the ultimate truth—a legendary work of graffiti known as The Ten that is said to contain the answers to life’s questions—are they prepared for what they’ll find?

An intense and masterful weaving of stories and lives, Burning from the Inside is Christine Walde's eye-opening look into the world of graffiti writing.

Praise for Burning From the Inside:

“The adrenaline rush for these [two teen protagonists] is achieved through challenging society’s rules about sex, drugs, alcohol and tagging … Walde riffs on Orwell’s classic 1984 in showing how counterculture lifestyles are an attempt to find real emotion in a society devoid of meaningful relationships.” —Resource Links

“I enjoy a good mystery, and although this book isn’t part of the mystery genre, it had a really good hook … Aside from the interesting plot, the characters themselves were believable, and … likeable as well.” —I've Read This

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