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Burning from the Inside

Christine Walde

Everyone gets caught. His third strike lands Thom at Riverside Youth Detention and Rehabilitation Centre, The Ryder, with a group of other writers like himself. But unlike them, Thom has been promised a clean record if he informs on a graffiti ring called the G7. Graffpol by day—buffing the city free of graffiti—and writer by night, Thom is blowing up the scene with his new identity: TNT.

Aura keeps having the dream. The one where Story shows her The Ten. Her obsession surrounding her writer idol and late, great member of the G7, intensifies when a new bomber starts throwing up all over town: TNT—dynamite. Not usually one for signs, Aura comes to believe that he is meant to show her the way to Tiger Mountain, the secret location of The Ten—a legendary piece that holds the promise of quintessential truths.

TNT and Aura have an instant connection, an electric spark that builds into white hot fire, burning away the rest of the world: neglectful parents, the constrictive rules of membership to the G7, the constant, looming threat of the police and the pressure of maintaining cover. In her search for the truth about Story, Aura is blind to the lies surrounding TNT. And as Thom gets closer to the G7, he questions the motivations of the cop who put him up to it—and his own.

Told in the alternating perspectives of Thom and Aura, Burning from the Inside is a scorching love story about the secrets we keep, against the backdrop of graffiti subculture.

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