Coppice & Brake Dark Fiction Anthology

CM Harris

“You can’t get away from a dead man’s flesh, once it’s threaded into you, your vascular network giving it new life.” – from A Woman Unbecoming by CM Harris

Recovering from knee surgery, Alice simply wants to enjoy a relaxing bike ride on a beautiful day. But two road bikers and the cadaver tissue threading into her body have other plans for Alice. In a harrowing race toward a dark, bottomless place, tables are turned, and nothing will ever be the same again—for any of them.

The stories in this anthology are the glimpses of the dark places between the forest and a dream. They are the shadows seeking the last notes of a dying violin. Coppice & Brake features tales from the borderlands of horror, speculative fiction, and the nightmare fears that linger even after you turn on the lights.

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