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Running Into Yourself

The power of running to alleviate our suffering and frailties.

Whether you're a novice runner making your way from the couch to your first 5K race, or an elite runner toeing the line at the start of the Olympic marathon, you soon discover that within the beauty of movement, there comes a point where you arrive at a mysterious boundary—the border where one valiantly tries to quiet the mind, while allaying incapacitating doubts and fears. This subtle negotiation, this dance with discomfort, is the birthplace of an inner fortitude, and it demands we keep moving when everything inside us is screaming for us to quit.

Bédard explores running's ability to nurture inner resilience and build community, and how it can help us work through the traumas of addiction, depression, or anxiety. This book is a message of strength and hope.

In addition to being a featured contributor to theHuffington Postand the writer behind the popular blogBreathe Through This(with over 2 million subscribers),Jean-Paul Bédardis a high profile endurance athlete, and a veteran of over 100 marathons and ultramarathons. A sought-after public speaker, Bédard is known for his ability to infuse humor into his talks as he speaks candidly about addiction, depression, and childhood trauma

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