UA-135136427-1 The Children of Mother Glory

The Children of Mother Glory

CM Harris

Meet Glory Potter, a strong-willed farm girl coming of age on the Midwestern prairie during the early twentieth century. Driven to please her dying reverend father, young Glory Potter takes the helm of his ministry. Folks gather from miles around to witness the holy woman’s powerful sermons and her church begins to prosper. But after protesting one World War, and another brewing on the horizon, the pacifist sect comes under fire from its patriotic neighbors. Further complicating matters, Glory’s childhood sweetheart, Emma, returns to the church even lovelier than the traumatic day she left. Glory struggles to hold onto the pulpit—as well as her sanity.

In this rich historical saga, the strictures Glory places on herself will affect the Potterite flock in unforeseeable ways for generations to come.

CM Harris’s screen adaptation ‘Cost of Glory’ received the Queen Palm Film Festival Gold and Silver award for best concept and feature script.

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