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The Voyage of Freydis

Condemned as a murderer in the margins of the ancient Icelandic sagas, Freydis Eriksdottir's courage has always been her curse. Now, centuries later, she finally steps into the spotlight wielding the only sword she ever needed: her pen...

The year is 993. Trapped in a merciless marriage to one of the most powerful chieftans in Greenland, Freydis escapes by becoming the first and only woman to lead a Viking voyage across the Atlantic.

Deep in the winter snows after her longboat reaches the rocky shores of Vinland, she meets a local warrior bearing a red raven tattoo on his chest, a man who will show her what it means to be cherished.

But when her husband pursues her from one horizon to another, she is faced with a shattering choice: make an impossible sacrifice or lose everything she has won in the newfound land...

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