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I Love Kisses

I love kisses.

I'll bet that you do too!

Wake up sleepyhead kisses

Raspberry jam and bread kisses...

There are lots of kinds of kisses in the world, and they all say something different. Award-winning author Sheryl McFarlane's new book celebrates the best part about kisses; while each one is unique, they all say "I love you!"

Praise for I Love Kisses:

"McFarlane and Vaughan transport readers to a diverse neighborhood of townhouses populated by families of all makeups and colors―in the span of a few homes there are single parents, interracial families, gay fathers, a child who uses a wheelchair, and others. It's an easygoing and broadly appealing reminder that―no matter a family's shape, size, or particular circumstances―affection is a constant." ―Publishers Weekly

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