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I Met Sex & Death Through My Friend, Tom Meuley

As a massive blizzard bears down on Toronto, Milk (a.k.a. Evan), a seventeen-year-old boy, intends to get revenge on his cheating and abusive dad by blowing up his dad's new car --by blowing up his G.I. Joe collection. What he doesn't know is that his beloved teacher, Mr. P., has forced his best friend, Tom Meuley, to help him commit suicide. Scared, the boys hide the body at the Leslie Spit. Hoping to save the boys from getting caught, Milk's bulimic and desperate mom, Sessy, pursues them but not before putting everything on the line to save her family from her cheating husband. A “down-low” police officer, Ton', Mr. P.'s son-in-law, stumbles upon the body. Driven by shame and guilt, Ton' suspects the boys of murder. And captures them. Taking place over twenty-four hours, the fast-paced storylines of I MET DEATH & SEX THROUGH MY FRIEND, TOM MEULEY (103K words) converge as Toronto's buried waterways surge with the ghosts of history and trauma. Imagining himself as a subatomic neutrino, whose presence is known only when it is no longer there, Milk spins himself into absence in order to matter.
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