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Lesser Journeys

After witnessing the muse for her novels become a father with another woman, Dallie Ago, a published author and high-powered Engineer, attempts to conclude if her life is best lived becoming a mother, or living a story as dramatic as those in her books. Moving from New York to London for work, Dallie travels to Iceland, Lebanon, France, and Serbia, visiting clients and discovering different outlooks on life while balancing a severe, chronic illness, which also provides Dallie with an unusual perspective on the body and time. During her journey, she learns to navigate corporate injustices, cultural differences and her own mortality.

Lesser Journeys is published by PRAVUM, a new independent press focused on publishing fiction about femininity, art, sex, death, and humor. Get your copy of Lesser Journeys from Indiebound or Amazon.

Lesser Journeys is sharp as a razor, and pulses with the heart and sensuality of a fearless author in top form. Recommended for any reader who wishes they could find a random spot in a foreign country and end up drinking until dawn with Joan Didion. - Nathaniel Kressen (Author of Concrete Fever and Dahlia Cassandra)

Ago’s writing is so good you can taste the experience she’s having -Lisa Levy (Artist)

A gifted narrator. Ago’s descriptive language allows us to live every moment of a young woman’s journey into the world, while revealing the internal empowerment awakening within. - Ronna Lebo (Author of Prolapse, Co-founder, Off The Park Press / Black Square Editions, Artist)

One of the freshest, most vital voices to come out of young American literature - Ithamar Handelman-Smith (Author of The Unholy Land)

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