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The Tiny Wife

A flamboyantly dressed man enter a bank and commits a most curious robbery. Rather than demanding money or jewellery, he asks each of his thirteen victims to surrender that which they hold most valuable: a calculator, a cheap watch, photographs of children, a copy of Camus’ The Stranger, and so on.

In the days that follow, the thirteen experience impossible occurrences: One woman begins shrinking, possibly down to nothingness. Another is terrorized by her lion tattoo come to life. A man is buried, literally, under generations of memories. A bus driver’s heart is torn out, leaving him alive, if not quite living.

Their lives in chaos, the victims are forced to discover what they had truly lost in the robbery—and reclaim them, before it’s too late.

The Tiny Wife, the latest work of contemporary wonder from bestselling and award-nominated author Andrew Kaufman, is an imaginative and inspiring display of pure storytelling.

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