Xan van Rooyen's Science Fiction novel SILVER HELIX has been sold to J.D. Harlock at Android Press. Silver Helix is a gritty, cyberpunk urban fantasy set in an alternate Helsinki where magic is pollution, and an exploration of Finnish mythology brings together an android assassin and the punk-roque non-binary target he's supposed to kill.

“Xan has a rare, lyrical quality to their writing, which makes Silver Helix such a thrilling and heart wrenching read,” says TRF agent Lindsay Leggett. “I'm so excited for readers to get lost in this world just as I did.”

SILVER HELIX is set for publication in fall 2023. For Film/TV inquiries, please reach out to

Strategy expert and board advisor Alexander Brueckmann's THE STRATEGY LEGACY: GROWING REVENUES, BUILDING VALUES, which gives business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders an actionable framework and proven process to create value, sustainable impact, people-centric growth, and a living legacy, had sold to Scott Isenberg at Business Expert Press by Sam Hiyate at The Rights Factory (World English).

Another book of Alexander Brueckmann, SECRETS OF NEXT LEVEL ENTREPRENEURS, an anthology featuring 11 powerful lessons--with actionable solutions--for business owners and leaders to thrive and lead a balanced life, from luminaries such as Hermann Simon, Teresa Quinlan, Tony Martignetti, Charlene Li, Sheetal Khullar, Ken Keis, Terry Jackson, Angela Howard and Jerry Fu has sold to Zachary Schisgal at Wiley by Sam Hiyate at The Rights Factory Inc. (World).

"Alex Brueckmann is that rare expert who thinks and speaks with the simplicity and elegance of a poet," said CEO Sam Hiyate. "Reading THE STRATEGY LEGACY made me feel I could make almost every business decision more strategically. I'm really thrilled to help bring this book and Alex's anthology with Wiley to market next year."

THE STRATEGY LEGACY is set for publication Summer 2023. SECRETS OF NEXT LEVEL ENTREPRENEURS is set for publication Spring 2023.

MUSHROOM GASTRONOMY by Krista Towns has sold to Michelle Branson at Gibbs Smith.

This new book is a cookbook and culinary resource showcasing twenty-five varieties of mushrooms, both foraged and cultivated, packed with recipes for appetizers, soups, main dishes, stocks, desserts, and even cocktails, beautifully photographed and infused with a passion for mushrooms that will delight, inform, and intrigue.

“This is the celebration of mushrooms you need in your life. The recipes, whether they call for common or exotic varieties, are mouth-watering, the photographs and illustrations capture the unique beauty and culture of fungi, and the information will encourage you to pick up that strange-looking mushroom next time you’re at the farmer’s market and make something delicious and beautiful. Maybe while drinking a mushroom cocktail – who knew?” The Rights Factory agent Kathryn Willms says. “I’m so happy for Krista – she’s a mushroom forager, a recipe developer, a photographer, and part of a lively mushroom community. She was quite simply meant to write and publish this book.”

MUSHROOM GASTRONOMY is set for publication in Fall 2024.

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