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Author of TRANSMUTATION and ALL CITY Alex DiFrancesco's BREAKING THE CURSE, a memoir, has sold to Dan Simon at Seven Stories by The Rights Factory Agent, Natalie Kimber.

This memoir of Alex DiFrancesco’s life follows the events of their first memoir PSYCHOPOMPS and focuses on their use of Italian witchcraft to heal trauma.

"The NY Times Book Review has said 'DiFrancesco is not afraid to err on the side of sentimentality...' and this is true, but I believe they aren't afraid to go anywhere with their work,” says The Rights Factory agent Natalie Kimber. “Through their books, Alex shares with readers the power to write through pain and manifest healing, and that is a tremendous thing."

BREAKING THE CURSE is set for publication in 2024.

Author of THE NIGHT WHEN NO ONE HAD SEX and the forthcoming SHANNON IN THE SPOTLIGHT Kalena Miller's SOUTH OF SOMEWHERE has sold to Josh Gregory at Albert Whitman by Stacey Kondla at The Rights Factory.

In this book, a 12-year-old girl moves to a small town with her father and siblings after her mother is accused of embezzlement and goes on the run from the FBI, forcing the girl to discover what a home really is in a new place and uncover the truth about her once-wealthy family.

"I absolutely love how hard topics like family issues and classism are explored in this book with such humor and sensitivity,” says The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla. “Kalena writes believable characters going through believable problems in a highly engaging and entertaining way for middle-graders."

SOUTH OF SOMEWHERE is set for publication in the spring of 2024.

Updated: Jan 18

PhD in animal cognition Dana Church’s GOOD INTENTIONS: HOW “SAVING THE BEES” IS CAUSING AN ECOLOGICAL DISASTER has sold to Kenneth Whyte at Sutherland House by The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla.

This book explores misunderstandings about honey bees, showing how “save the bees” campaigns are creating large profits for companies while killing biodiversity, and suggesting how individuals and organizations can redirect their efforts and what “saving the bees” should look like, ultimately changing how we think about beekeeping and helping guide us toward real and meaningful bee conservation.

"This book is important and will help us all do better in saving the bees,” says TRF agent Stacey Kondla. “Dana writes with great passion about how beekeeping honey bees is not the answer many think it is, and recommends ideas that will have a more solid and positive impact on native bee populations and other important pollinators."


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