Elaine Dewar is one of the best investigative journos out there. She managed to track COVID stuff that most of us missed early on and even more recently. Her book, ON THE ORIGIN OF THE DEADLIEST PANDEMIC IN 100 YEARS: AN INVESTIGATION is pubbing at the end of the month. We wanted to show you the gorgeous cover, and encourage you to pre-order it at your favourite bookseller if you like detective stories!

Check it out HERE

Has it already been a week? Join us for our lively panel conversation of the growing power of book clubs, and what we and our friends feel about Obama's summer reading list, all in Episode 2.

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We’re launching Agent Provocateur as a podcast curated to intrigue, entertain and yes, provoke you—to engage you with what’s in our hearts and minds at The Rights Factory—what we love about our work—and what we find curious and worthy of investigation. In the first few episodes, we chat to agents, authors, and publishers from here, America, and across the pond. We discuss BookTok, Heather's Picks (should she even have one for Indigo?), Obama’s summer reading list, and we ask a wine expert which wines go best with iconic Canadian novels—and that is just a taste.To keep us with us, subscribe via Substack. And to listen, click on Apple, Google or Spotify.

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