Book Pipeline Grand Prize Winner Laura Picklesimer’s KILL FOR LOVE has been sold to Chris Heiser at Unnamed Press.

KILL FOR LOVE is about a sorority sister with a desire to kill attractive young men. She struggles to keep her sadistic impulses and haunting nightmares of fire and destruction at bay while contending with mounting legal scrutiny, social media-fueled chaos, and a growing romance with a seemingly perfect boyfriend.

"KILL FOR LOVE is a wickedly funny and biting satire about our culture, and Laura wrote it with such careful intensity. I'm quite sure it's the burn-it-down book we need right now and in times to come, but even more importantly, it gives women in crime fiction an edge they never had, which is that their rage doesn't have to be redeemable or reasonable,” says The Rights Factory agent Natalie Kimber. “When fiction has let men do this for centuries, it's so great to see a femme anti-hero like Laura's Tiffany now."

KILL FOR LOVE is scheduled for publication in Fall 2023.

My Name is Magic by Xan van Rooyen is available now from Tiny Ghost Press!

Taika Turunen has no magic. Despite coming from a long line of powerful Finnish mages, and their name literally meaning magic, Taika can’t perform the simplest of spells.

Forced to attend Myrskyjärvi International School for the Magically Gifted on account of their mom being principal, Taika has a hard time fitting in. Sometimes, they wonder if not having magic has something to do with the fact they’re neither a girl nor a boy and if they’re fated to be “Taika the Talentless” forever.

Life goes from bad to worse when Natalie, Taika’s former BFF, is mysteriously absent from class, only to appear to Taika as a liekkiö, a spirit begging for their help. As more students go missing, Taika must take the lead in a race against time to save friends old and new before a powerful group of chaos mages can unleash the legendary Sampo, an artifact capable of either saving the world’s waning magic or destroying everything Taika holds dear.

To rescue Natalie, Taika will have to journey to the liminal space between worlds where they’ll be forced to battle mythical monsters and their own dwindling self-esteem. In doing so, Taika might just discover that magic—and love—comes in many different forms.

For fans of witchcraft and wizardry looking for a new, inclusive magic school to attend, My Name Is Magic, is a story about finding strength from within and potential where you least expected it.

Find it on Amazon or through Tiny Ghost Press.

Author of the Bern Fortin crime series, Deryn Collier’s most recent novel, A REAL SOMEBODY, has sold to Erin Adair-Hodges of Lake Union Publishing, the upmarket, “book club fiction” imprint for Amazon.

A REAL SOMEBODY, loosely based on Collier’s great aunt, noted Canadian essayist June Grant, is the story of a stenographer in a post-war Montreal advertising agency who dreams of being more than what society expects of her. When she discovers that her sister, Daisy, is not the perfect housewife she appears to be, June must step out of her sheltered life to save Daisy, protect her family’s reputation, and save the agency’s biggest account.

“I’m quite pleased that we were able to get a great deal for Deryn because she's a long-time friend and a fantastic writer who has written an incredible book,” said Wayne Arthurson, Associate Agent for the Rights Factory. “A REAL SOMEBODY is an elegant novel of gentle suspense, the type of book that so intimately involves the reader in June’s life in post-war Montreal that you almost forget you’re reading a book.”

A REAL SOMEBODY is scheduled for publication in summer 2023.

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