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Biologist and science writer Stephen Aitken's LISTEN UP!, exploring various types of sounds encountered today, the sounds of nature, urban noise, and the effect those sounds have on the health of people, habitats, and biodiversity on Earth, to Andrew Wooldridge at Orca Books, with Kirstie Hudson editing, for publication in spring 2022, by Stacey Kondla at The Rights Factory (world).

Author of SQUID EMPIRE and science communicator Danna Staaf's JEANNE AND THE ARGONAUTS, a narrative biography of pioneering 19th-century female scientist, Jeanne Villepreux-Power, who designed the first modern aquariums and used them to solve the 2000-year-old mystery of the argonaut octopus's shell, to Carol Hinz at Lerner Publishing, for publication in fall 2021, by Stacey Kondla at The Rights Factory(World English).

Award-winning children’s author, Karen Bass’s BLOOD DONOR, in which 17yr old Jo is locked out of her house, thanks to her control-freak father, and ends up in the hands of kidnappers who are taking street kids and taking their blood, to Andrew Wooldridge at Orca Books, with Tanya Trafford editing, for publication Fall 2020, by Stacey Kondla at The Rights Factory(World).

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