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Biologist, science writer, and author of LISTEN UP! Stephen Aitken's SAVING THE NIGHT, a middle-grade nonfiction book, which explores how light pollution is harming life on our planet and explores solutions to the loss of darkness, has been acquired by Andrew Wooldridge at Orca Books, with Kirstie Hudson editing, for publication Spring 2023. The author is represented by Stacey Kondla.

Pitched as FREAKONOMICS x GUNS, GERMS, AND STEEL, Dr. Kari Nixon’s QUARANTINE LIFE: FROM CHOLERA TO COVID19—covering what pandemics teach us about parenting, work, life, and communities from the 1700s to today, and how this knowledge could be the greatest survival tool of all—has been acquired by Veronica Alvarado at Tiller Press (Simon & Schuster) for publication in Summer 2021. The author is represented by Cecilia Lyra.

POISON, PREDATORS, AND PEOPLE: NOT YOUR TYPICAL BOOK ABOUT MONARCHS by Dana L. Church, in which middle grade readers can dive deep into the lesser-known world of monarch butterflies, explore the science of monarchs, the scientists who study them, and the people with whom they share their habitat, has been acquired by Lisa Sandell at Scholastic Focus in an exclusive submission. The author was represented by Stacey Kondla.

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