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Kat Foxx

Assistant Agent

Kathleen joined The Rights Factory as an editorial assistant in early 2023 and was promoted to Assistant Agent in the fall of the same year. She has an editorial background, running a freelance fiction editing company. Kat is also a writer and is heavily involved in the online writing community. She also produces/hosts the #badasswriters podcast, edits audio for The Shit No One Tells You About Writing podcast, and is a founder/host of #MoodPitch.

Outside of creative work, Kat enjoys travelling, photography, creative cooking, hiking, and spending time in Ontario’s beautiful cottage country. She’s a proud mom of five kids. She *loves* cats, coffee, chocolate, cheese, Argentinian wine. Outlander, This Is Us, You’ve Got Mail, John Krasinski, Ryan Reynolds, and Tom Hanks are favourites!

Kat is building her list of exceptionally talented authors in commercial and book club fiction as well as some Upper MG and select nonfiction topics. She keeps a detailed MSWL and what she’s looking for in queries on her website at

In fiction, she’s looking for Adult and YA thriller/mystery/suspense, gothic and supernatural horror, historical fiction (preferably pre-20th century), historical fantasy (witches, ghosts, time travel, past lives, etc.), and romcom and romance (light spice). She also enjoys fairytale/folklore retellings and some speculative fiction, anything nostalgic, anything to do with past lives and soul connections, haunted houses, ancestry, and midwifery/natural childbirth. Kat *loves* creepy, scary stories that makes her eyes water and gives her goosebumps! For Upper MG, she’s pretty much open to genres provided it’s cute and has a good message. Across ages and genres, stories that normalize blended, single-parent, adoptive, racially and/or culturally diverse, and same-sex families are high on her list.

For nonfiction, Kat is seeking memoirs that read like fiction, motherhood/natural pregnancy and childbirth/midwifery/planned unassisted births, single parenthood (especially if paired with overcoming an abusive relationship with the other parent), past life/reincarnation, the “brotherhood” mentality of law enforcement, narcissistic abuse recovery, true crime, wine/food/travel, a history of witches and witchcraft, and ancient locations/civilizations.

Please do not query Kat with: picture books, political or legal thrillers, erotica, extreme violence or torture, space operas, graphic novels, poetry, epic fantasies, hardcore sci-fi or fantasy, werewolves, vampires (unless they’re human-friendly or like ADOW), high-tech stories, anything to do with politics, AI-generated stories, biographies, academic works, self-help, health and fitness, sports, science, DIY, or religious-centred works.

Kat is always seeking projects from BIPOC, disabled, neurodiverse, and historically underrepresented writers and would love to see more LGBTQIA+ stories/writers!

On Twitter (X), Instagram, and Threads, Kat can be found @_LiteraryKat_ and on Blue Sky @literarykat

Interested in: 

Thrillers, Suspense, Historical Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Gothic Horror, Supernatural, Romance, Romcom, Memoir, select nonfiction. Looking for Adult, YA, and some Upper MG.

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