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What We Believe

It used to be that writers had editors to watch their backs, but over the past century the literary agent has risen to stand by the writer, to help them birth their literary works, to polish them until they are ready for submission, and to help authors find the best publishing homes – eventually leading their works to widespread markets and audiences.

This is what we do at TRF. Whether you are a debut author just finishing your first novel, an expert, teacher or journalist working on a narrative non-fiction or prescriptive work, someone with a memoir or great life story to tell, or a graphic novelist, we’re interested in hearing from you – if you haven’t heard from us first.


Every agent at TRF is looking for work they can get excited about, in every genre and category. If you’re in the market, we encourage you to look at the agents here and see if one of them seems like the perfect business partner for you.

Film & TV

A strong story in book form is the perfect – and most common – raw material for film and TV adaptation. Selling great stories into other media is something we explore actively, with close ties to film and TV agents across the entertainment landscape, locally and internationally.


The Rights Factory was founded in 2004 with a handful of clients and a massive search for new talent in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. We now have nine different agents and represent hundreds of clients from around the world.

Editorial Feedback

We are an editorial agency and we will be tough on your work, because we are committed to developing your project until it is absolutely ready to take to market. Along the way, we will champion you across the industry and media and make sure what you wrote is seen by the best editors, and we will provide you with professional insight to help your project become the best book it can be, for the audience that will love it.

About Us


Sam Hiyate


Since 1990 Sam has worked at literary magazines, small presses and with New York Times bestselling authors, editing and representing everything from debut fiction, memoir and narrative non-fiction to graphic novels. He has taught writing and publishing privately since 2000 and also at various universities. His most recent project is an online magazine, Don’t Talk to Me About Love, exploring love in literary and artistic works.

Celina Fazio

Editorial and Film/TV Assistant

Celina is a writer and editor living in Toronto. After completing an undergraduate degree in English Literature and a certificate in Publishing, she confirmed her own suspicions that her heart belongs to books and storytelling.

She joins The Rights Factory as an assistant, her love of books in one hand and her love of film in the other. With a specific interest in genre-bending narratives, dark humour, and horror, Celina finds inspiration in all things strange.

Maria Luigia Donati

Social Media Associate

Maria's first job after university was as a social media manager for her university Instagram account. She then became a strategist for "Dieci04", a literary social media agency based in Turin. During that time, she gained skills in creating social media strategies for books and participated in the social media coverage of the Turin International Book Fair. In 2021, she moved to Toronto to study Strategic Relationship Marketing at George Brown College. She has a strong passion for marketing and books and being able to connect authors with their audiences.

Morinobu Yoshida

Rights Assistant

Morinobu Yoshida is a publishing professional from Yokohama, Japan. After working at a publishing house in Tokyo for five years, he decided to dive into international publishing and began pursuing the publishing certificate at Toronto Metropolitan University. With his passion to promote the global exchange of cultures and ideas through books, he currently works as a rights assistant at the Rights Factory, while working as a freelance editor/copyeditor and also a kitchen assistant at an awesome Indian restaurant in downtown Toronto. He has a taste for literary fiction, literary journalism, and history books.

Kodie Van Dusen

Editorial Assistant

Kodie Van Dusen won awards and was published in poetry anthologies from a young age, writing sporadically for the Western Gazette newspaper while pursuing her BA in Psychology. In 2022 she published her debut novel, BIRDS IN THE BLACK WATER, which placed in several competitions including the IndiesToday and ReadersFavorite Awards. Her passion has always been long-form narratives that force perspective changes in the reader and connect on a deeply emotional level.

Sarah Teitel

Editorial Assistant

Sarah Teitel is a writer and multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. Her writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail and The Literary Review of Canada. She has published two chapbooks of poetry: I Don’t Think I Need To Tell You (Cactus Press) and Nesting Doll (Anstruther Press). She regularly contributes poems and essays to Monday Artpost. Sarah also writes songs, and has recorded and released three albums of her music.

Gillian Collins

Editorial Assistant

In 2021, Gillian completed her undergrad at the University of Guelph, graduating with an Honors English BA and a minor in creative writing. In her final year of study, Gillian was taught by Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negros, and found a love for the publishing industry, which led her to the agency. After working as an editorial assistant for The Rights Factory, Gillian enrolled in the TMU publishing certificate program and is currently finishing up her final courses. She has rejoined the amazing team at TRF in order to further practice her editorial skills.

Gillian’s love for literature began at a young age when her mother first started reading Harry Potter to her and her brother. It was a nightly ritual that Gillian eventually carried on herself, and still does to this day. Though Fantasy holds a special place in her heart, Gillian has gone on to read a variety of genres and has found something to love in each and every one holds a special place in her heart, Gillian has gone on to read a variety of genres and has found something to love in each and every one.

Julia Mallon

Editorial Assistant

Julia's passion for literature has shaped her journey as both a professional writer and digital marketer. She excels in assisting authors to refine their manuscripts through meticulous editing and to effectively promote their books using digital marketing strategies. Julia approaches each book as a chance to communicate a unique message, striving to cultivate a community bonded by the power and influence of the written word. She is particularly drawn to projects that blend a robust sense of humour with emotionally rich storylines. Originally from Toronto, Julia earned her BA from Queen’s University and now works from Kingston.

Clarisse Smith

Editorial Assistant

Clarisse holds a BA in Individualized Studies from York University, in which she primarily studied creative writing, psychology and philosophy. She chose the Individualized Studies program because she was deeply curious about many different fields and wanted the opportunity to explore them all. She is currently in the Publishing program at Centennial College. Her favourite books are often ones that are weird, unsettling, vulnerable and/or darkly funny.

Riana Caggianiello

Editorial Assistant

Riana has been obsessed with reading since she learned how to. You can often find her reading fantasy books with romance sprinkled in, and her constantly updating her Goodreads, trying to read more books than she did the last year. Her favourite authors include Sarah J Maas, Elsie Silver and Kerri Maniscalco, usually preordering their books a year before they’re released.

Riana graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and double majored in Creative Writing and Professional Writing. She has two poems published and is always working on some piece of fiction.

Riana hopes to further her career in the world of book publishing and is excited to be an Editorial Assistant at The Rights Factory!

Kate McGall

Editorial and Film/TV Assistant

Kate is an aspiring writer and filmmaker with a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University in English Cultural Studies and Film Studies. Alongside her studies, she works as a Research Assistant at the University of Toronto, delving into academic pursuits while honing her creative skills. Passionate about storytelling, she is interested in coming-of-age, horror, dark humour, and satire literature, drawing inspiration from her voracious reading habits. Her love for film extends beyond the screen, influencing her narrative style and visual storytelling techniques. With a unique blend of literary and cinematic influences, Kate aims to carve her own path in storytelling.

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