Debbie Fox

Currently editing the fourth draft of my first novel, I honed the art of writing by working for many years in advertising. As a copywriter at four international ad agencies, my job was to tell stories with a beginning, a middle and an end in 30 or 60 seconds, for TV and radio,  a monumental challenge. I had to speak in many voices:  a child's, an adult's, a dog's,  and express insane joy or profound pain. Once I opened my own ad agency, I had to wear many hats.


As writer, producer and director, my job is to write scripts and print content, interview, film and record talent (including many celebrities like Catharine O'Hara, Justin Trudeau, and Grace Jones) and direct the camera angles and lighting. When I finally decided to write a novel, I was armed and ready. I have published a non-fiction piece in Existere Journal of Arts and Literature, and won three prizes for poetry judged by renowned Canadian poets.

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