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Belle Mott

Belle was born in Punjab, India and immigrated to Canada the same year Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon.  Although too young to remember the details, she has always felt shaped by the synchronicity of the events— stepping from one world into another.

Upon graduating from UBC with a degree in English and Education, Belle put her dreams of becoming a writer on the back burner and pursued the more practical goal of a teaching career. Years later, though happily married with two beautiful children, something was still missing.  It was then that she remembered the joy that writing used to bring and picked up her favourite pen (all writers have one) and in between school plays, play dates and soccer practices, she wrote her screenplay “Pink Ludoos."

“Pink Ludoos” screened at acclaimed film festivals in the U.S., China, Europe and Canada where it won Best Canadian Feature film. It was later released on DVD under the name Sweet Destiny. Heartened by the response to work, Belle found the courage to devote more time to her writing and sharpened her tools to tackle the Procrastination Beast that had partly kept her away from her writing dreams.

Belle’s dark, comedic humour and strong female characters of colour continue to form the bedrock of her screenplays and novels. When she’s not teaching or writing, or sparring with the Procrastination Beast, you can find Belle on long walks in the forest near her home.

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