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Dana Church

Dana has a Ph.D. in animal cognition, which means she has spent a lot of time trying to figure out how animals think. One of the biggest compliments Dana has ever received was that her doctoral dissertation on bumblebee memory reads more like a novel than a thesis. She subsequently published her dissertation as a 300-word article in the children's magazine, Odyssey: Adventures in Science.


Dana's nonfiction writing has also been published in Highlights for Children magazine and the Canadian Wildlife Federation's WILD magazine.


Dana lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, two children, and their big, black, friendly dog. If it's spring or summer and the weather is nice, chances are Dana is outside watching bees. Otherwise, she's likely writing in a local coffee shop or foraging for the latest animal research. Dana blogs about bees, animal cognition, and other things at You can also follow her on Twitter: @DanaLChurch.

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