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Rune Kier Nielsen

Rune Kier is a Social Anthropologist living in Denmark. He has worked as a government speechwriter for mayors in the Danish Capital of Copenhagen, the Danish Ministry for Climate and Energy as well as the Ministry for the Environment. He's won two of the prestigious Cicero Speechwriting Awards while also writing for activists and idealists as part of the Danish Climate Movement and TEDx.

He is currently the Climate Action Communication Coordinator for the United Nations Environment Programme - the UN’s authoritative voice on the environment. His book Klimataler (Eng trans: Speaking on Climate: The Activists’ Guide to Speechwriting for a Better Future) was published in Denmark in 2021. While he works within the UN on public climate advocacy, his books do not represent the views of the UN, but his personal insights and opinions.

"To be quite frank, I am scared. And I am not alone. 85% of young people believe that we are in a climate emergency. 75% fear for their future because of the state of the climate. 65% think their governments have fundamentally failed their generation. 55% have lost faith that we can ever solve this, and 40% have serious doubts about putting children into a world like this. They are growing disillusioned with democracy. And rightly so. We face enormous challenges with global warming. The world urgently needs action.

This book is for you who need to give a talk on climate, environment, or biodiversity. You who want to make a difference with your speech to create systemic change. You who want to create more popular mobilization with your words to push for adequate action. Climate is about hope. This is why many of us can feel hopeless when not enough is happening.

We are currently so narrow minded that we look only towards the future and forget about the past. When looking only towards the future, a crisis seems unique and unsolvable, but looking to the past, a crisis is one in a line of crises that we have solved and moved on. That is where hope lies."

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