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The Best of Men

Claire Letemendia



A fast-paced, rousing ride through treason, prophecy, and passion in 17th-century England: a must for lovers of historical novels that sweep from the bedroom to the battlefield and the royal court.

It is 1642, and Laurence Beaumont has returned to England after six years in the European Wars, where he served as a lowly foot soldier with the Spanish, turned coat to fight and spy for the Germans, and then ended up in a cardsharp in a Dutch brothel. He has seen and done things he can’t bear to remember, and he no longer has faith in God, or much in humankind itself.

When clashes between King Charles I and his mutinous Parliament throw England into a civil war, Beaumont is reluctantly drawn back into a world of intrigue and espionage when he discovers coded letters revealing a plot to assassinate the king. Soon powerful conspirators—among them one of the most powerful men in the kingdom— are in hot pursuit, threatening the lives of those Beaumont loves most and miring him in lethal political intrigue.

Beaumont must find proof of their identities before they overtake him. The seductive Isabella Savage offers to help, but her allegiances are as mysterious as her past. All the while, Beaumont remains haunted by painful memories and by a strange prophecy that, despite his cynicism, he cannot shrug off.

From battlefield to bedchamber, from seamy tavern to the elegant Caroline Court, The Best of Men conjures up vividly, a world in which loyalties are tested, passions betrayed, and life precarious. Laurence Beaumont is an unforgettable character, and Claire Letemendia is a dazzling storyteller.

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