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With a background in theatre, film and television writing, Jessica is a story structure nerd. She loves helping authors to find the perfect balance between worldbuilding, character, plot and personal style.

Associate Editor

Jessica de Bruyn

Helping authors develop their creative visions, while staying true to their voices.

Associate Editor

Nour Abu-Mallouh

Keeping Plato's ideal forms in mind, the first read entails envisioning the book--the perfect book--that exists in the author's imagination.

Executive Editor

Diane Terrana

Terri Brunsting is a graduate of the Humber Creative Book Publishing program, and is starting her dream career as an editor after years of teaching high school English and Drama. She likes to read everything under the sun, from literary fiction to Stephen King to YA to her old Babysitter’s Club books. In her spare time, she dabbles in community theatre.

Associate Editor

Terri Brunsting

Lindsay believes that every book deserves to exist as the best it can be, and promotes worldbuilding and characterization as key elements to a great read.

Associate Editor

Lindsay Leggett

Banking on Talent

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