Journalist Laura Pratt's HEARTBREAK: FIELD NOTES ON A CONSTANT CONDITION has sold to Deirdre Molina at Random House Canada.

HEARTBREAK examines the highs and lows of having and then losing love. A wide-ranging exploration of the subject, Pratt draws on historical and current sources, offering poetic, philosophical, scientific, and psychological explanations and contexts for how we experience romantic breakups.

“Laura's powerful writing hooked me from the very first pages of Heartbreak,” said The Rights Factory agent Kathryn Willms. “She has a gift for capturing moments of extreme vulnerability with beauty and poignancy. Plus a journalist's knack for finding and exploring rich connections between personal experiences and the larger contexts of our world: history, science, culture, art. She writes that heartbroken people are interesting people. I love that. I think anyone who has ever had a broken heart (and who hasn't?) will see themselves in these pages and find their experiences cast in a new, deeper, clearer, and stranger light.”

HEARTBREAK: FIELD NOTES ON A CONSTANT CONDITION is scheduled for publication in January 2023.

Danna Staaf's THE LIVES OF OCTOPUSES has sold to Kate Shanahan at UniPress, with Kathleen Steedon editing. This new non-fiction work is an illustrated natural history of our planet's octopus, squid, and cuttlefish life.

"Danna's passion for cephalopods is unparalleled and her writing lets the reader share that passion,’ said The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla. “She is the perfect person to write this book and it is going to be wonderful!"

Danna Staaf is also the author of MONARCHS OF THE SEA: The Extraordinary 500-Million-Year History of Cephalopods.

THE LIVES OF OCTOPUSES is scheduled for publication in 2023.

Physician and trauma specialist Dr. Christy Gibson’s THE MODERN TRAUMA TOOLKIT has sold to Dan Ambrosio at Hachette Go.

Christy Gibson, MD has made a name for herself on social media as the TikTok Trauma Doc (@tiktoktraumadoc). With over 100,000 followers, her accessible videos help viewers to begin the process of understanding and processing their trauma.

An accessible and medical science-based exploration of how trauma impacts our bodies, THE MODERN TRAUMA TOOLKIT offers practical mental health advice that can be personalized and formatted; with the ability to choose the tools and activities used.

“Dr. Gibson's pitch for her toolkit was validating, entertaining, and hopeful,” said The Rights Factory CEO Sam Hiyate. “Foreign Rights Manager Milly Ruggiero and I jumped at the chance to pitch it.”

THE MODERN TRAUMA TOOLKIT is scheduled for publication in Spring 2023.

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