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Nathan Elias' THE REINCARNATIONS, the author's debut story collection exploring grief and transformation, and COIL QUAKE RIFT, his debut novel in which three entangled lovers fall into parallel worlds when an earthquake opens a rift in Venice Beach has sold to Kim Budnick at Tantor Media, in a two-book deal, by Natalie Kimber at The Rights Factory.

"Nathan's books are a whole experience. He's so good at setting a scene, and you'll find yourself living inside these spaces, moving with these hearts,” says The Rights Factory agent Natalie Kimber. “You'll laugh and wonder and simmer with the escapism and emotion of it all. I'm overjoyed that these books will soon be available in audio."

Co-authors of The Science of Horror series and media moguls, Kelly Florence and Meg Hafdahl's GOTH GIRLS GUIDE TO TRAVEL has sold to Erin McClary at Sourcebooks by Stacey Kondla at The Rights Factory.

This book is a national travel guide featuring the locations of horror films and books, true crime, and dark history found throughout America.

“GOTH GIRLS GUIDE TO TRAVEL is such a cool concept and is sure to inspire those who crave travel and tourism with a dark twist off the well trodden path,” says The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla. “Kelly and Meg are a perfect team and I can't wait to plan some of my own travel with this book!”

GOTH GIRLS GUIDE TO TRAVEL is set for publication Fall 2024.

THE BLACK HUNGER by Nicholas Pullen has sold to Bradley Englert at Orbit US and Nadia Saward at Orbit UK by Natasha Mihell at The Rights Factory.

Nicholas Pullen's THE BLACK HUNGER follows the last testament of a doomed man, who loses far more than he bargained for, after encountering a death-worshiping cult bent upon the absolute destruction of our world.

"The first time THE BLACK HUNGER gave me nightmares, I knew I had found something, and someone, special," says Mihell. "Pullen's erudite blend of the historical and the horrifying creates an enticingly rich, cosmically dark tale, shimmering with queer splendour. Captivating, adrenaline-inducing, and constructed with industrious care, THE BLACK HUNGER is one of those books you feel smarter for having read, and one that promises to linger in your mind long after you've finished reading it. An exceptional harnessing of madness--and one wild ride."

THE BLACK HUNGER is scheduled for publication Fall 2024.

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