Molly Roden Winter's OPEN-HEARTED has sold to Kris Puopolo at Doubleday.

OPEN-HEARTED is a memoir of sex, love, (open) marriage, motherhood, and most of all, self-discovery. Winter and her husband create dating rules—no exes, nobody in the neighborhood, and absolutely no falling in love—only to break them one by one.

“I found Molly's vulnerability intensely gripping, often funny, and quite a high-stakes emotional roller-coaster ride,” said The Rights Factory CEO Sam Hiyate. “Especially as she's managing her Brooklyn life (kids, brownstone and husband) while accommodating new, tenuous and sometimes impossible partners."

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Updated: Mar 4

Brad Orsted's FINDING MARLEY has sold to Michael Homler at St. Martin's Press.

Orsted's memoir is an account of the wildlife photographer and filmmaker's ten-year odyssey of grief and redemption in the Yellowstone wilderness as he mourns the death of his daughter Marley. While guiding hikers, photographing wild animals, and saving grizzlies, Orsted ultimately finds the wild within the human heart, and undertakes a journey to forgiveness, sobriety, love and life, to memory and ultimately—to Marley.

"Brad Orsted's decade-long spiritual sojourn read to me and TRF Executive Editor Diane Terrana like a modern-day Siddhartha,” said The Rights Factory CEO Sam Hiyate. “His story arc of redemption through wilderness would be perfect on a show like Yellowstone. In fact, Taylor Sheridan -- if they met him and heard his story, Brad himself might compete with Rip for the Dutton's love. Option this book, dude!"

Watch Brad Orsted's film, THE BEAST OF OUR TIME, narrated by Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges and winner of “Best Environmental Film” from the DOC LA Awards.

Xan van Rooyen’s MY NAME IS MAGIC has sold to Joshua Dean Perry at Tiny Ghost Press.

Set at a Finnish school for the magically gifted, this new YA novel follows a 15 year old magically-challenged, non-binary student as they must save their disappearing friends.

"My Name is Magic is the kind of book I wish I had available in my childhood, and I'm thrilled for the world to explore the magic of Finnish myth and the heart of Taika and their journey," said The Rights Factory agent Lindsay Leggett.

MY NAME IS MAGIC is scheduled for publication in September 2022.

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