The American Thanatologist Cole Imperi's A GUIDE TO YOUR GRIEF has sold to Kids Can Press for publication in fall 2024.

A GUIDE TO YOUR GRIEF is an illustrated how-to book normalizing the grief experience for middle-grade readers and helping them through it.

"The past year has caused a lot of grief and children have had to cope with loss in varying degrees,” said The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla. “Cole's book is timely, important, and will help so many children understand and navigate their grief no matter what they are grieving."

Joan Marie Galat's middle-grade fiction novel MORTIMER: RAT RACE TO SPACE has sold to Cormorant Books.

MORTIMER is a fun and quirky adventure in which a journal-keeping rat on the International Space Station (ISS) becomes certain his species is better suited than humans when it comes to colonizing Mars. He aims to prove his point and elevate the human perception of rats by conducting experiments and recording the video for his YouTube channel.

“Mortimer is a blast, start to finish, and I would have loved this cheeky talking rat as a kid as much as I love him now,” says The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla.

Joan Marie Galat is also the author of ROAD ECOLOGY and LITTER IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM. MORTIMER: RAT RACE TO SPACE is scheduled for publication in fall 2022.

Children's author Sheryl McFarlane's THE BLUE CANOE has sold to Christopher Robbins at Familius.

In THE BLUE CANOE, a young girl simultaneously explores nature and the dreams and worries that come with a new sibling on the way – all while spending time with her pregnant Mom in their blue canoe on the lake.

"I love how Sheryl has brought together the beauty of nature and the comfort of being with mom alongside a child's authentic and organic worries about the arrival of a new sibling,” said The Rights Factory agent Stacey Kondla.

THE BLUE CANOE is scheduled for publication in spring 2024.

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