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Erin K Barnes

Erin K. Barnes is a Denver-based writer of memoir, speculative fiction, music journalism, and travel. A synesthete, PR wing woman, and mother, Erin revisited her rebellious youth with a low art exploration of the Fort Collins punk scene of the ‘90s, Glory Guitars: Memoir of a ‘90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl. The scene’s wastoid punks and sexual nihilism provide no shortage of cheap thrills, as well as a sharp lens to explore gender stereotypes that bind us all. Glory Guitars straddles this dichotomy like it’s a live rocket: joyful, explosive, visceral, manic and gut-punchingly heartbreaking. Glory Guitars: Memoir of a ‘90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl , written under the nom de plume Gogo Germaine, will be released in Spring of 2022 by University of Hell.

In 2020, she released a travel book with Countryman Press/W.W. Norton of quick escapes from the city called Easy Weekend Getaways from Denver and Boulder. It’s an easy guide to romantic getaways, boozy stopovers, foodie indulgences, wild adventures, and spiritual journeys. Erin collected unique destinations and the stories behind them like the gleaming keys that hang from the Baldpate Inn. She was most interested in the wild and dogged Gold Rush spirit that lives on in Colorado eccentrics who’ve forged spaces for themselves, like the metalcrafted dragon of Bishop Castle, the alpine charm of Carousel of Happiness, the Victorian gothic grit of haunted mining towns, the glowing kitsch of Neon Alley, the majestic weirdness of the San Luis Valley, and other triumphs of determination.

While nursing her son, Erin wrote a bedtime novel to lull readers to sleep with fantastical dreamworld imagery. The result is Tintabula, an oxytocin-soaked psychic meditation on her family’s differently-wired brains. While her children won’t be able to read it for some time, she wrote this YA speculative fiction for them.

In the mid-aughts, Erin used her English/Writing degree to form an award-winning blog and writerly collective called the Donnybrook Writing Academy. As Headmistress, she oversaw the everyday operation of a tongue-in-cheek society blog by established Denver scribes with preposterous pen names. Erin spent eight years as the official Burrito Fairy for the belovedly offbeat burrito joint, Illegal Pete’s. She was also their publicist and content unicorn on top of feeding touring musicians and artists for free through their Starving Artists program. Erin is the lead storyteller and public relations madame for the Black Monarch Hotel, a haunted bordello-turned-boutique hotel in the sleepy mining town of Victor, Colorado. She led the Black Monarch to international acclaim with her PR efforts, landing features in Travel + Leisure, The Daily Mail, Lonely Planet, Refinery29, and the Metro UK, which declared it “one of the US’s most haunted hotels, located in one of its most ghostly towns.”

Right before the pandemic hit, Erin recently teamed up with Runner’s High/Vice writer Josiah Hesse to lead The Haunted Writer’s Retreat, a five-day immersive horror writing workshop at the Black Monarch Hotel in the dead of winter. She’s editor of Cramped!, an anthology on the Cramps to become the first published book by iconic Denver art zine, Birdy. Erin is also working on an oral history-style book about Lipgloss, the legendary indie dance night that transformed Denver culture. Erin has led numerous branding and writing workshops for musicians at the Fort Collins incubator, the Music District, as well as a writing workshop at the annual Englewood Public Library curated by author Jason Heller. Recent bylines include a grandiose coming-out moment in Men’s Health, a rant in Syfy about being sorted in Slytherine house, a practical guide to recreating synesthesia for OK Whatever, and the retelling of her personal tragic doppelganger story as it relates to the evocative film The Double Life of Veronique for a literary journal, Monologging. Erin was honored as one of Westword’s 100 Colorado Creatives and 303 Magazine’s 70 Colorado Creatives. She lives in Denver with her husband and two children.

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