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Diane Terrana

Executive Editor

Keeping Plato's ideal forms in mind, the first read entails envisioning the book--the perfect book--that exists in the author's imagination.

Tamanna Bhasin

Associate Editor

For an embarrassingly long period of time, Tamanna had aspired to be a fashion designer. That is, until she realised two things: (1) that she would make a terrible fashion designer and (2) that her passion for reading and tendency to voice strong opinions about books could become a career.

After her dream shifted from the glamour of haute couture to editing manuscripts using Track Changes on Microsoft Word, Tamanna completed her BA in English Literature and History from the University in Toronto, where she worked on a number of undergraduate literary journals. With internships at a magazine and a reference book publisher under her belt, Tamanna began her formal foray into the publishing world at The Rights Factory.

She loves to read anything she can get her hands on and is always in search of a book that will stay with her long after she’s completed it. Though, she is partial towards literary fiction featuring diverse stories and characters, children’s and Young Adult fiction, historical fiction, romance, mystery, and fantasy comedy.

Maria Luigia Donati

Associate Editor

Maria is from Lucca, Tuscany, joined The Rights Factory as a Rights assistant in September, and is now an editorial assistant.

Maria has a background in Law and gained a Master in Storytelling and Publishing from "Scuola Holden" in Turin, Italy.

She worked as a marketing strategist and copywriter for Italian book publishers. She loves books and is interested in learning more about graphic novels. Her favorite book is "The Dispossessed" by Ursula K. Le Guin.

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