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Karen Dudley

Karen Dudley grew up on stories of selkies and kelpies, and dragons with riders who fight Thread, and hobbits who go on adventures and save the world. These left her with a deep love of folklore & mythology, all things fantastical, and a burning desire to create her own magical tales (as well as a distressing tendency to read far too late into the night).  

She has written historical fantasies and mysteries for adults, wildlife biology books for middle grades, and is currently having fun with middle grade fantasy. She has been nominated for a bunch of awards, though sadly never an Academy Award (which, let’s face it, is probably something of a long-shot seeing as she doesn’t actually work in the motion picture industry).  

Karen adores books, movies, board games, and opera, and she loves going out in nature in search of all manner of cool things. She’s seen a lynx in the wild, was once surrounded by a pack of wolves, and has been pooped on by many different species of bird. She lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba with her husband, daughter, and five cats, three of which are curled up on her desk as she is writing this (the other two are sitting at her feet waiting to be fed).

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