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Ryder: American Treasure


An electrifying Ayesha Ryder novel in which the U.S. presidency and the fate of two world powers hang in the balance.

Two centuries ago, British forces defeated the American army in the field and entered Washington, looting and burning the White House and the Capitol. Today, that loot would have inestimable historic and financial worth-but it has never been found. The brilliant scholar Ayesha Ryder, known to the world as the woman who saved Israel’s prime minister from an assassin’s bullet, is asked to find it.

After tearing herself away from her search for the Ark of the Covenant, Ayesha quickly becomes embroiled in a murderous battle between rival candidates for the American presidency and a terrorist organization bent on revenge. While running for her life, she must unweave a tangled web linking President James Madison to the stolen treasure and implicating the British prime minister in a steamy sex scandal. Following the twisted trails of history, Ayesha uncovers the truth and confronts the consequences of her own secret past.

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