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Secrets of the Deep

Cordelia Blue is afraid of water.Cordelia is also a mermaid. It’s been five years since she lost half her family to the ocean, and as the anniversary of their death approaches, Cordelia is determined to conquer her fear. But when she learns of her mermaid ancestry and all the devastating secrets the ocean brings, she no longer knows who she can trust. Entrusted with a magical relic, she must keep it away from an opposing race, the selachii, and their nefarious intentions. When she discovers that her boyfriend is one of these mysterious shape-shifters, Cordelia is forced to choose between love and race. Cordelia doubts her every decision and the intentions of those around her. Trusting her heart will lead to a path of betrayal, but she might just get her family back. If she chooses her head, the mermaids may stay cursed to remain in the ocean forever.

Release Date

Summer, 2020

Rights Available

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