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The Band of Merry Kids

Twelve-year-old Pip craves adventure and a chance to right the injustice he sees all around him—just like his hero, Robin Hood. He is tired of being “Little Pip”, the son of a wool merchant, and wants to be famous. But Pip lives in Nottinghamshire, not Sherwood Forest.


Everyone around him seems scared to speak out, to take action. His cousins and best friends are loyal, but Lucy doesn’t like to cause trouble and Harold is afraid of his own shadow. Worst of all, as far as Pip is concerned, his own father is a coward. But nothing is going to stop Pip from wearing his feathered cap and standing up to bullies, even if it does get him into serious trouble.

An unexpected invitation to accompany his father to his first county fair has Pip ready for adventure. Seeing a chance to assist a family in need, Pip hatches a misguided plan with the help of Lucy and Harold to steal from the rich and give back to the poor. But the unintended consequences have the very family they meant to help set to hang—and brings them face-to-face with the biggest bullies of all— the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John himself. This time for his plan to work, Pip will need his friends, old and new, to pull off an epic rescue worthy of Robin Hood—his very own Band of Merry Kids.

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