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The Waterproof Bible

A magical story of love and the isolation that defines the modern condition – Andrew Kaufman pulls off the near impossible and creates a wholly original allegorical tale that is both emotionally resonant and outlandishly fun.

Rebecca Reynolds is a young woman who is ordinary in every way except one: no matter how hard she tries, she can’t stop her emotions from escaping her body and entering the heads of those around her. Luckily she’s developed a nifty way to trap and store them in personal objects—but how many shoeboxes can a girl fill before she starts to feel crushed by her emotional past?

Three events compel Rebecca to change her ways: the departure of her husband, Stewart; the sudden death of her sister, Lisa; and, midway to Lisa’s funeral, a near-crash with what appears to be a giant frogwoman in a Honda Civic.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s inconsolable husband skips the funeral and begins a bizarre journey that strips him of everything before he can begin to see a way through his grief—all with the help of a woman who calls herself God.

Both psychologically astute and outlandishly fun, The Waterproof Bible is an original allegorical tale of biblical proportions.

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