Author of ALL CITY, Alex DiFrancesco's TRANSMUTATION will be published by Seven Stories Press in Fall 2021, edited by Dan Simon, agented by Nat Kimber.

TRANSMUTATION is a collection of short stories based on the author's scholarship of the original underpinnings of the Gothic genre and it's colonialism and attempts to demonize those outside it. The collection is a reclamation of monsters: trans vampires, WWII partisans in the French countryside carrying cultural monsters, a will-o-the-wisp that appears after the disappearance of a Black housekeeper in the Jim-Crow south. These stories take the outside and bring it inside, and reclaim domain over the roles those on the outside have been traditionally cast in.

Alex DiFrancesco is a writer of fiction, creative nonfiction, and journalism who has published work in Tin House, The Washington Post, Pacific Standard, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, Brevity and more. Their essay collection Psychopomps (Civil Coping Mechanisms Press) and their novel All City (Seven Stories Press), were published in 2019. They are the recipient of grants and fellowships from PEN America and Sundress Academy for the Arts. Their storytelling has been featured at The Fringe Festival, Life of the Law, The Queens Book Festival, and The Heart podcast. They can be found @DiFantastico on Twitter, or hanging out with the Sad Kids Superhero Collective in Cleveland.

Emmy Nordstrom Higdon (they/them) has joined The Rights Factory as an Assistant Agent and has started building their own client list, focusing on character-driven #OwnVoices projects that are devastating to put down. They are a bookseller, a blogger at Books Beyond Binaries, a member of the planning team for the Festival of Literary Diversity, and are in the final stages of completing their PhD.

Author of SLOW DOWN, THE DESIRE CARD and THE MENTOR Lee Matthew Goldberg's new thriller, THE ANCESTOR, about a man waking up in the Alaskan wilderness, who after encountering his doppelganger, believes that he'd been a prospector in the Gold Rush, frozen in time for over a century and the ancestor of his lookalike, to Chris Rhatigan at All Due Respect, and imprint of Down and Out Books for publication in August 2020 by Sam Hiyate.

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