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New Deal: A REAL SOMEBODY by Deryn Collier

Author of the Bern Fortin crime series, Deryn Collier’s most recent novel, A REAL SOMEBODY, has sold to Erin Adair-Hodges of Lake Union Publishing, the upmarket, “book club fiction” imprint for Amazon.

A REAL SOMEBODY, loosely based on Collier’s great aunt, noted Canadian essayist June Grant, is the story of a stenographer in a post-war Montreal advertising agency who dreams of being more than what society expects of her. When she discovers that her sister, Daisy, is not the perfect housewife she appears to be, June must step out of her sheltered life to save Daisy, protect her family’s reputation, and save the agency’s biggest account.

“I’m quite pleased that we were able to get a great deal for Deryn because she's a long-time friend and a fantastic writer who has written an incredible book,” said Wayne Arthurson, Associate Agent for the Rights Factory. “A REAL SOMEBODY is an elegant novel of gentle suspense, the type of book that so intimately involves the reader in June’s life in post-war Montreal that you almost forget you’re reading a book.”

A REAL SOMEBODY is scheduled for publication in summer 2023.

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